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Fence removal and install at Brodsworth Hall

  • 19 April 2024
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Fence removal and install at Brodsworth Hall

One of the great things about the industry we work in is the fantastic locations we get to work at. This was one of those jobs.

Brodsworth Hall was built between 1861 and 1863 for Charles Sabine Thellusson, whose great-grandfather Peter Thellusson, a merchant and banker, had bought the estate in 1791. It survives as a mid-Victorian vision of a comfortable country house, with many of its original furnishings and the formal gardens laid out around it.

Brodsworth had fallen into disrepair by 1990 when it was given to English Heritage. Since then its fragile interiors have been carefully conserved, while the gardens have been returned to their earlier formality. (ref - English Heritage Website)

We were working in the less grand but still delightful carparking arealaugh. Our task was the removal of approximatley 350 meters of old post and wire fence followed by a new installation of a similar type. The old fence posts were rotten and line wires slack, a scruffy looking sight. Using our excavator and grab, we quickley removed the old fence and loaded up for disposal back at our yard. Using our specialist fencing machine, the team began the new installation and as you can see from the pictures achieved a high quality, tidy looking finish that should last for years to come.

A great three days spent by all involved at this great location, we highly recommend a visit!

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