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Visual tree inspection survey in the north of England

  • 10 June 2022
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Visual tree inspection survey in the north of England

Owners of both large (and small!) tree populations have a duty of care to assess the health and safety of any trees on their property and what effect that may have on users of their own land but also third party property including public roads.

PLS Group UK began life as Powerline Surveying LTD and as such we have a great depth of experience in vegetation surveys in the vicinity of overhead lines and equipment. In addition to this we are also experienced in providing visual tree health surveys using our professional tree inspector and level 4 arb diploma certified surveyors.

Two of  PLS Group UK's surveyors were recently asked by one of our regular clients to carry out a survey of roadside trees on a large private estate in the north of England to assess the general health and stuctural condition of trees adjacent to all of the public roads within the estate boundry. All trees thatwere found to be a potential safety hazard were tagged with a small numbered plate. All relevent data was then gathered electronically which included any work or further detailed inspection that may be required. One of the stark realities of the survey was the prevelance of Ash trees affected by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, more commonly refered to as Ash die back. This fungus is currently threatening the whole of the UK's Ash population which WILL have a devisatating effect on both ecology and safety!! 

Our surveyors are easily able to adapt to any system used to collect survey data in this case using a mobile device field collector app. Close contact was maintained with the client during the survey and as usual the project was carried out efficiently, within the projected timescale.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any arboricultural or utility infrastructure survey requirements. 


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